About the South Wedge Food Program

A ROC SALT Mission Project

How We Do Things

The South Wedge Food Program serves those in our community who are hungry. We were begun as a ministry of the former Calvary St. Andrew's and are now a project of the ROC SALT Center, part of the Presbytery of Genesee Valley.

We really depend on the help of our volunteers, and we greatly appreciate the donations of help, food, and financial support that we receive from churches, businesses, and other agencies in the South Wedge and beyond.

We buy most of our food from Foodlink and supplement it with vegetables grown in the Allison Clarke Community Garden. We are glad for donated food and other items (see this list).

Emergency Food Cupboard Hours

Monday, 9:00 am to noon
Wednesday, 9:00 am to noon
Friday, 9:00 am to noon

On holidays, please check to make sure we are open.

68 Ashland Street, Rochester, NY 14620
Phone: 585 325-4950

If You Need Food

Our Emergency Food Cupboard serves you if you are in need, regardless of where you live. We can serve you and your family with food once every month. Example: if your last visit was on June 9, your next visit can be on July 9 or later.

Please be sure to bring an ID showing your place of residence. We may also serve you if you bring us a referral from a community agency or church.

So that we can provide food for everyone in your family, please bring an ID for everyone in your family.

Agency Representatives

Social workers representing a client are welcome during our food cupboard hours. Please bring your client's name and birthdate so that we may assist you.

Thank you!