This 1873 Upjohn building has many special features that need special TLC. In particular the stained glass windows and the large murals are in need of repair and / or restoration. Some of this work can be done by trained volunteers, but much of it needs to be done by professionals. Since there is no budget for the needed repairs, volunteers are needed to help in several ways:

  1. Volunteer to help with repairs to the leaded glass window panes (not the windows with images). Training and tools will be provided.
  2. Volunteer with fundraising.
    1. Grants – seek out and apply for grants
    2. Patrons – find individuals, foundations, or companies to underwrite some of the expenses
    3. Fund raisers – hold large and small fundraising events

We hope that you will join with us to help preserve the treasures have been bequeathed to our stewardship. Contact us – let’s sit down and talk about what you are interested in doing, and what your schedule is like.


[Links to: Stained glass window page / Murals page]